Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vixen by Jillian Larkin

Jazz . . . Booze . . . Boys . . . It’s a dangerous combination.

Every girl wants what she can’t have. Seventeen-year-old Gloria Carmody wants the flapper lifestyle—and the bobbed hair, cigarettes, and music-filled nights that go with it. Now that she’s engaged to Sebastian Grey, scion of one of Chicago’s most powerful families, Gloria’s party days are over before they’ve even begun . . . or are they?

Clara Knowles, Gloria’s goody-two-shoes cousin, has arrived to make sure the high-society wedding comes off without a hitch—but Clara isn’t as lily-white as she appears. Seems she has some dirty little secrets of her own that she’ll do anything to keep hidden. . . .

Lorraine Dyer, Gloria’s social-climbing best friend, is tired of living in Gloria’s shadow. When Lorraine’s envy spills over into desperate spite, no one is safe. And someone’s going to be very sorry. . . .

From debut author Jillian Larkin, VIXEN is the first novel in the sexy, dangerous, and ridiculously romantic new series set in the Roaring Twenties . . . when anything goes.

How would it be to live in 1920s Chicago? With the jazz and the flappers and the Mob? I think it would have been fabulous, but maybe that's just me. So even though this book was pretty slow for the first half, I ended up loving it. Even during the times the story dragged, I didn't want to put it down. By the end of the book, I was cursing the fact that I didn't have the sequel on hand. Yes, it was really that good.

As much as I loved all the characters, Gloria was my favorite. So sue me if I am completely envious of her. I love, LOVE old Jazz music and for some wild reason the idea of being a Jazz singer in some smokey nightclub, with the killer dresses and heartbreaking emotion of the songs..... In another life, I WOULD BE GLORIA. No question.

At first I thought having the story told from THREE different perspectives was overkill, but once I got into the story it didn't bother me nearly as much. At times it was still a bit much, but also probably necessary. I would highly recommend this book. But be warned: it IS quite slow at first, but keep reading! And also be warned: Have the sequel ON HAND! :) Enjoy!

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Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Gah! This is on my TBR pile, I am a sucker for 20's novels, I guess that Fitzgerald novel truly made an impression.

Talk Supe

Megan @ Reading for Refuge said...

Braine: I hope you like it!! I can't wait to read the next one. :)