Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

The Wild is a fairy-tale world--at least it was until the fairy-tale characters escaped--but lately it's just a mass of hungry vines stuffed under Julie's bed. Julie, her mom Rapunzel (yep, that Rapunzel--think long hair, tower, prince) and her brother Puss-in Boots (okay, he's a cat) do their best to keep it hidden and under control. But Julie's sick of living with the Wild--it eats her jeans and sneakers whenever it wants! Junior high is tough enough, even with a normal family.

When someone makes a dangerous wish that sets the Wild free, it grows and grows and quickly begins to devour Julie's entire Massachusetts town. The Wild is hungry, and this time it wants its characters back for good.

Julie must venture deep into the Wild and outsmart wicked witches, feisty giants, and super-cute princes in the ultimate quest to save her family. She fights her way to the heart of the fairy tale and discovers she must risk everyting or lose her chance to live in the real world...and if Julie can't find a way to defeat the happily-ever-after, she'll never see her family again.

The concept for this book was wonderful, in my opinion. Fairy-tale characters escaping their fairy-tales and living in the world you and I live in (and take for granted) every day? Brilliant. The ACTUAL story?? I'm sad to say that it falls short of the mark. Parts of this book I really enjoyed, but mostly I thought it was slow-moving and quite boring. I felt like it dragged and then the last 50 pages were action-packed (as much as they can be when it's about a 12-year-old) to make up for the first 200 pages. There is a second book called Out of the Wild that I have sitting in my book pile on my nightstand, which I'll probably read. I'm not looking forward to it though. ;)

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