Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Creel, the heroine of Dragon Slippers is hardly a damsel-in-distress. After her aunt totes her out to the local dragon in desperation (with the hope that the local prince will rescue her from certain death and marry her), Creel refuses the haughty prince and finds friendship with the dragons, who set her on a journey to the center of the kingdom with a pretty pair of what only seem to be ordinary slippers. Along the way we discover Creel's enormous talent at embroidery, and you can't help but linger over the rich descriptions of her lovely tapestry-like gowns, which quickly make her the most sought-after dressmaker in the kingdom. But soon enough those mysterious slippers begin to wreak havoc, and it's up to Creel to save the kingdom from disaster and defend the dragons from certain doom.

I borrowed this book ages ago from my friend, put it on my bookshelf, .... and forgot about it! (Sorry, Chan!) When I decided to re-read some books, I saw it sitting there on the shelf and decided to read it instead.

This was a slow-moving book to begin with, and it was difficult to get into. Once I did (after a few chapters), I LOVED this book. I read another book by this author a few months ago and it was the same way-- slow, but picked up fairly quickly. I didn't know if I'd care for a book about dragons, but I thought the book was ABOUT a dragon (It didn't have the outer cover on the hardback, so I didn't get a synopsis) which made me reluctant to read it. It's not-- it's about a country girl and a prince. And dragons, of course.

If you like fantasy, this book is well worth your time. This is a series-- there are two more. As soon as I get them from the library and make it through my pile, I'll let you know what I think!

Happy Reading!

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