Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breathless: Book One of the Jason and Azazel Trilogy by V.J. Chambers

Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated. Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won't sleep with her.

Then Jason races into her life. He won't say where he came from or who's chasing him. He's a delicious puzzle, a boy who has no problem using his fists to solve arguments or quoting Plato to justify his actions. Azazel is drawn to him. She's obsessed with finding out his secrets.

What she doesn't know is that Jason's secrets are entwined with her own town's secrets. Her friends and family have conspired to use her as a pawn in a violent scheme. Soon, she will have to choose between protecting Jason and staying loyal to everyone she's ever trusted.

I really hate writing a negative review this early in the year, but it must be done.

I wish I would have known what this book was really about before I started reading it. Had that been the case, I wouldn't have ever picked it up. I may as well warn you of 2 things at this point. 1) I'm going to rant, and 2) My rant will contain spoilers of this book.

When I first started reading this book, I actually quite liked it. I didn't really know where the story was going, but I mostly liked the characters and I liked the interactions between Azazel and Jason. It soon went into a rapid downward spiral. Come to find out, everyone in town is secretly a Satanist and they "worship" through having sex. Seriously. Not only that, but they basically think Azazel is the devil and she needs to join their group of crazies, but in order to do that, she has to lose her virginity in some twisted ritual and then kill Jason. Obviously she doesn't want to do either, so her parents tell her ex-boyfriend to rape her "for the cause." It doesn't happen, she gets away with Jason. After that they find out that everyone believes that Jason is the "Savior of the World" (aka Jesus). Then "the devil" and "Jesus" start sleeping together.

I am a very religious person, and this was the most blasphemous, sacrilegious, disrespectful piece of trash I have ever read.

Shame on you, V.J. Chambers, for taking something that is sacred to millions of people and turning it into something so offensive.

Happy Reading!


Jamie VanBeekum said...

Whoah! Crazy. I'm surprised you made it through the book. It sounds awful. Thanks for steering me clear, and I know now to avoid that author!

Stacy said...

oh wow! That good huh? I am so sorry you had to suffer through a book like that. Definitely not on my going to read list!