Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The List by Melanie Jacobson

Ashley Barrett doesn't want to get married. At least, not anytime soon. She doesn't care how many of her friends and family members and fellow churchgoers had weddings before they finished college -- the last thing she needs in her fun-loving twenties is the dead-weight of some guy. And that's why she created The List. By the time she completes all twenty-five goals -- from learning a language to skydiving to perfecting the art of making sushi -- she'll be more ready to settle down. Maybe.

This summer in California is a prime time for Ashley to cross two items off the list: learn to surf (#13) and have a summer romance (#17). And Matt Gibson, the best surf instructor in Huntington Beach and the most wanted guy in the singles ward, is the perfect man for the job. Ashley hatches a plan to love him and leave him before heading off to grad school in the fall (#4, get a master's degree). But when Matt decides he doesn't like the "leaving" part, Ashley's carefully laid plans are turned sideways. Now Ashley faces an unexpected dilemma: should she stick to the safety of The List, or risk everything for a love that may tie her down —- or might set her free?

This was our book club pick that we were supposed to read this month, but it's one I've been wanting to read for a long time. So I really struggled in my waiting-to-read-it-until-I'm-laying-on-the-beach moment. Alas, I resisted. I did actually read this on the beach in California, not far from Huntington Beach where this book takes place. And I loved every second of it.

As someone much like Ashley's sisters who got married fresh out of high school, I can see Ashley's viewpoint. Wanting to accomplish things in life and be her own person before she's forever attached to someone, and maybe even some little someones. I loved seeing her grow and realize that she could still be someone and be WITH someone. Yes, there were moments where I wanted to shake Ashley (and Matt), but I liked the way everything worked out for the best (for both parties) in the end. I also liked the online conversations between Ashley and Ryder and thought that they gave a fun and different twist to the story.

I would definitely recommend this book. I enjoyed it very much! It was the perfect summer read.

Happy Reading!

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