Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Your Match by Stephanie Fowers

"Meet Your Match" is the second novel by Stephanie Fowers to fall into the "Mormon Chick-lit" genre. Stephanie takes everything that is stereotypically true about college singles wards and turns out a story that is funny, quirky, and highly entertaining.

Jacqueline Childs (known as "Jack" to most of her friends) is a girl who has been burned. She believes herself to fall under the singles' ward appellation of "burnt girl," but Christian and Britton, two of her best guy friends, think she's really a "squirrelly girl," meaning - girl who likes to flirt and break hearts. She's not trying to break hearts - she's tired of having hers broken, and she wants to just take a break from the whole dating scene - but when she won't even return phone calls from would-be suitors, Britton insists that she's just being squirrelly.

No, she'll tell you who really is squirrelly, and that's Charity, the new Relief Society President in their ward. That girl has serious flirtation issues and Jack can't stand her. It gets especially bad when Charity makes a play for Christian and Jack find that she's jealous - but why should she be? It's just Christian, a safe guy. She reasons with herself that she just doesn't want to see Christian get hurt.

Britton has a more cynical viewpoint. He thinks that jerks always win and that nice guys (or girls) always come outlosers. Wanting badly for it to be different, Jack argues that everyone is really looking for a nice guy - and enters into a little competition with Britton. A nice guy and a jerk will both go after the same squirrelly girl, and they'd just see who won. It's already obvious that the nice guy (Christian) is interested in the squirrelly girl, so now it's up to Britton, who will, very convincingly, play the part of the jerk and see if he can steal her away. But what will happen when Jack's jealousy gets the better of her?

I thought this book sounded cute. I knew that it was an LDS-themed book, which is why it really surprised me how much I truly disliked this book. I was appalled to discover how disrespectful the guys were towards the women in the book. They made fun, called names and said horrible things to Jacqueline. It really was a struggle to get through for me. Maybe that's how some guys are in real life. I just know if one ever treated me like they treat "Jack", it would be the first and LAST time. Anyway, not very helpful if you are looking for a good book, I know, but everything I have been reading lately has been recommended to me by others, except this book! If you dare, give this one a try. Maybe I'm just overreacting. :)

(I sure do have a lot of negative reviews so far huh?? Maybe I just feel like I do. But stick with me. I have some really fantastic ones coming up!!)

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