Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Book of Mormon

This was a goal I set for myself this year that I have been really slacking on. Well, on May 6th, I was challenged to read The Book of Mormon. So, I did. I started that day and set a 30-day schedule on this awesome website called Read the Scriptures (click here to check it out). I finished this morning (Day 28) and I wanted to document my success in accomlishing this goal. What an amazing experience and thanks to an incredible website, all I had to do was check my email every day!
Thanks to the people who run for simplifying daily scripture study and thanks to the wonderful person who challenged me to do this and better myself through it!

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Chantele said...

Great job! I'm actually in the middle of the Book of Mormon right now, and am using that website! It has helped me a ton!