Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas on Miracle Lane and Other Holiday Favorites by Kaye Jacobs Volk

Two days before Christmas, Evie's world is crumbing. She's annoyed with her husband, at odds with her teenage daughter, out of patience with her elderly mother, and drowning in a sea of stress. The wonderful spirit of Christmas is nowhere to be found as her mounting frustrations propel her out the door of her home and into a life-changing night of magic and discovery.

This is actually a collection of short stories--The Christmas Heart, Christmas on Miracle Lane, The Christmas Angel, and The Christmas Cradle. The only story out of them that I really thought was well, dumb, for lack of a better word, (....I need to buy myself a Thesaurus....) was the first story, The Christmas Heart. I really liked the rest of them. The storylines were all quite unique--The Christmas Angel was told from the point of view of tree ornaments. I thought that was clever. Anyway, more good ones, mostly! Happy Reading!

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