Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Silent Night by Julie A. Warnick

December 24, 1914.

 Private Daniel Raye finds himself apart from his wife and young child as he fights a war with a German enemy that he does not understand, but discovers he cannot hate. Miserable, cold, and lonely, Daniel fills his heart with prayer throughout the day--for his family, for his country, and for his unknown enemy.

As the day of Christmas Eve turns to night, the gentle strains of a Christmas carol, sung in German, are overheard. What happens next is a Christmas miracle.

Based on a true story, One Silent Night speaks of a rare moment in history when hatred brought about by war is overcome for a brief interlude by the power of brotherly love.

I couldn't find an image for the book cover. Probably because this "book" is less than 30 pages long... (I'm still counting it though!!) It is such a neat story. I've heard talk of it before, but it seems too incredible to be true. It makes me wonder if we've lost these remarkable qualities somewhere along the way. It seems like people are so uncivil these days, so unfeeling, uncaring... It amazes me that in the midst of a World War, a cease-fire would be called for one day. In this case, it was long enough to remember their humanity and join together to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Maybe this holiday season, we could all keep that in mind. :)

Happy Holidays, and Happy Reading!

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