Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frost by Wendy Delsol

This is the SECOND book in a series.
Do not read this review until or unless you have read Stork.
You can read my review of it HERE.

Release Date: October 11, 2011
In this sequel to STORK, Katla Leblanc has to employ her grit, spirit, and special gifts to rescue the boy she loves.

After the drama of finding out that she's a Stork, a member of an ancient and mystical order of women, and that her boyfriend, Jack, is a descendant of the Winter People able to control the weather, Katla Leblanc is delighted when all signs point to a busy and peaceful Christmas. That is, until the snowstorm Jack summons as a gift to Katla turns into the storm of the century, attracting Brigid, a gorgeous scientist who, in turn, attracts Jack. Between the school play, a bedridden, pregnant mother's to-do lists, and keeping an eye on her aging grandfather, Katla doesn't have time to question Brigid's motives or deal with Jack's increasingly cold behavior. But Katla's suspicions mount when Jack joins Brigid on a research expedition to Greenland, and when the two of them go missing, it becomes clear that Katla is the only one who can save her beloved Jack from the Snow Queen who holds him prisoner. Adventure, romance, and myth combine in this winter escapade for teens who like a bit of fire with their ice.

As I was re-reading my review of the first book in this series, Stork, I was surprised. I don't remember liking it quite as much as I made it sound. I do remember that it was well-written and an original story, but I don't think I was *dying* to read the sequel.

Well, now that I have read the sequel, I have to say that this series seems to just be getting stranger and stranger. At the end of book one, the conflict had me really confused, and the confusion continued in book two. The conflict completely changed, and I'm not sure how everything will tie together when the series comes to a close this fall.

I still liked the characters, especially Jack. Although I think I liked him better when him and Kat hated each other. And I still really like the concept of "Sister Storks"--neither of which made much of an appearance this time around. Other than that, I'm sad to say the the rest of the book was pretty much lost on me. I was confused by some of Kat's "other powers"--powers that I felt like she abused. Also, I felt like I had skipped over a crucial time-travel element when Kat sets out on her rescue adventure. Overall, I felt like this book wasn't very well executed. It seemed more like a Hurry-and-write-something-because-your-contract-says-to book.

I'm torn here, because I feel like the first book in this series was worth reading, but I wouldn't recommend this book. So how does that work? I guess you will have to be the judge. I still plan on reading the final book, simply out of curiosity. Plus I feel like I've invested too much into the series at this point. Here's to hoping things get resolved in the least nonsensical way possible.

Happy Reading!

**I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.

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