Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enough Already

I really feel the need to address a certain problem. So, here it is.

Megan's Soapbox in Ten Sentences or Less

Just about every book I have read in the past two months (with the exception of Harry Potter-- because J.K. Rowling is above lame descriptive terms) has had the main male character with one similar feature.

It's always "...with a perfect face except for a slightly crooked nose, like it's been broken and never healed quite right...but in a good way....".

Since when is "slightly crooked" or a nose that "never healed quite right" sexy? Then I wonder, is it even possible for it to be "in a good way"? I think not.

Case in point-- Owen Wilson. Definitely NOT hot.

Please quit using this description. It's getting old (and NOT in a good way). Give him a hunchback or something, since it's basically the same thing.



Chantele Sedgwick said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing SO hard right now! I freaking love you!! Ha ha ha! :D

Jamie VanBeekum said...

My thought: LOL! So, so true! You're absolutely right. And yes, Owen Wilson does not equal hot... funny, yes. Hot, no. :D You. Are. Hilarious!

Stacy said...

You are SO funny! Thanks for venting! cuz it made me laugh!