Friday, April 15, 2011

And the winner is....

My little B has spoken!
The winner of The Demon King is Stacy!!

A big, HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway. It was so much fun to read through the comments and see what books you're looking forward to. There were many that I added to my "To Be Read" pile. Thanks again everyone!
I have the best readers in the world. :D

Happy Reading!!

**Edit: I should also mention that for a limited time, you can get the ebook of Wings by Aprilynne Pike from Amazon for FREE! It's the Kindle version of it, but you don't need a Kindle to download it. You can download it to your PC. Handy, huh? If you haven't read this book yet, you are missing out!! It's the first book in a series, and the third one comes out next month. Hence, why they are doing this promotion for Wings. Anyway, to get it, click HERE and scroll down. It's #19 right now, but that may change. Enjoy!


Jamie VanBeekum said...

Congrats to Stacy! How awesome is that! Thanks, too, for the heads up on Wings. I've now added it to my Kindle account :D

Stacy said...

YEAH!!! I love that I won!! :) I am so excited. Now if I could just win the lottery I would be set!

Sara said...

That is an awesome link! Thanks for posting it! :D

Jeigh said...

Thanks for the heads up on WINGS! Off to collect it :)