Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson

In this fantastical thriller, five young teens tapped as models for theme park "guides" find themselves pitted against Disney villains and witches that threaten both the future of Walt Disney World and the stability of the world outside its walls. Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI--which stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging--Finn Whitman, an Orlando teen, and four other kids are transformed into hologram projections that guide guests through the park. The new technology turns out, however, to have unexpected effects that are both thrilling and scary. Soon Finn finds himself transported in his DHI form into the Magic Kingdom at night. Is it real? Is he dreaming?

Finn's confusion only increases when he encounters Wayne, an elderly Imagineer who tells him that the park is in grave danger. Led by the scheming witch, Maleficent, a mysterious group of characters called the Overtakers is plotting to destroy Disney's beloved realm, and maybe more.

This gripping high-tech tale will thrill every kid who has ever dreamed of sneaking into Walt Disney World after hours and wondered what happens at night, when the park is closed.

My aunt told me about this book a few weeks ago. It is the first in a series--all somehow tied to Disney. I actually really enjoyed this book. Not that I am surprised or anything....

I have been to Disneyland a dozen times or so, but I've only been to Disney World once--and it was almost 20 years ago! The fact that it's been so long didn't take away from the story. If you are even slightly familiar with Disneyland, you'll be able to picture the places just fine. Even if you AREN'T familiar with the Disney parks, it's still a good read.

I grew up on Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty, so the thought of Maleficent taking over the world was not such a stretch for me. She's creepy. Really creepy. I mean, c'mon, she can turn into a dragon at will. Not. Normal. If anyone is going to plot an overthrow, she'd be at the head of that evil plan for sure.

I can honestly say, I don't know that the rides mentioned in the book will ever be the same for me again. I'd be sitting in the ride car, having a panic attack, waiting for pirates or small children or some other crazy thing to come to life and attack me. Note to self: if it's dark, leave the park!

I am excited to get the next book in the series to read and see where the story goes! This is one to put on your library list!

Happy Reading!


Jamie VanBeekum said...

If you've ever seen the Kingdom Hearts games, you'll know that Maleficent is often at the heart of all the trouble! :D This is definitely going to go onto my list, and maybe Alex and Isaac will enjoy them too! Thanks for the recommendation. I'm a total Disney geek, and I had NO IDEA these were even out there!!!

Megan @ Reading for Refuge said...

@Jamie--I've never even heard of the Kingdom Hearts games. These were really clean reads though, so they'd be great for your boys. They're fun for mom too! I love Disney! :)